Did you know that Thanksgiving through to Valentine’s day is considered peak engagement season? According to TheKnotWorldWide, 40% of engagements happen during this time. Something about being in thankful spirits, surrounded by family, friends and loved ones as well as celebrating love itself seems like the right recipe to bring about lots, and lots of engagements. 

If you’re thinking of joining this special group by popping the question, here are 5 tips to help you knock it out of the park and make everyone go “awww…!”

  1. Parent’s Blessings: Prior to getting down on one knee, have a conversation with the parents of the bride to get their blessing. They don’t necessarily have to know the intricate details of how/when you’re going to ask, but it’ll mean the world to them that you respect them enough to ask for their blessing. You will also score lots of points with your lady when she finds out about the thoughtful gesture afterwards. It’s an old-school move, but most brides –  even the uber modern bride – appreciate a touch of tradition.

    Get the parents blessing before you pop the question!

    Get the blessing of the parents before you pop the question. Parents and your love will appreciate the gesture. Image: Meet the Fockers movie

  2. Decide on a Location:

    Aside from picking the ring, this is the other item that a lot of guys struggle with. Lots of options to select from – restaurant, sports game, at home, favorite spot with sentimental meaning to the relationship, at the airport, on vacation etc.,  and different variables to think through to ensure that you get it right – how to get her to the location, where to hide the ring box, prepping other people involved on to show up on cue etc. The list can be endless depending on how elaborate a proposal you’re aiming for. Getting to propose can be nerve-racking, lots of butterflies and sweaty palms, our suggestion is to pick a spot where you’d feel comfortable and that you know your lady would like/appreciate as well. For example, if a fancy restaurant with a view is more her vibe, but the thought of having to propose in a crowded restaurant makes you want to pass out, consider a corner table as opposed to the middle of the restaurant. Also, if the restaurant has a rooftop terrace you could work with the restaurant manager to have a corner of the rooftop reserved for about 30mins for you to do your thing, and then come back in to have a nice celebratory dinner, and possibly surprise her with family and friends waiting indoors.

    Location for the proposal is important; you should both be comfortable and relaxed.

    Pick a location for the proposal that you know your love will appreciate, and that you feel comfortable in. Image Credit: Image Credit: Szuszanik Hovakimyan / OUE Skyspace LA

  3. Personalize the Moment:

    A proposal in itself is a special moment, but the details and effort incorporated help make the moment extra special, and unique to you and your love. You don’t have to be a creative genius to pull this part off, you just need to take a step back and think of a few things that she loves or certain key moments that have been pivotal to your relationship journey, and incorporate those into the proposal. For example, if there’s a particular song that holds meaning for her have it playing over the speakers or if you want to go all out have a professional play an instrumental version to tee off the moment, and set the mood. Not into songs, maybe there’s a tv show that you enjoy watching together, it’s your thing – get her the box set and let her know you want to continue to watch this and more until you’re old and grey! Fireworks, helicopter and hot-air balloon rides are all great, but little carefully thought out gestures can also create amazing fireworks in her heart, and at the end of the day, that’s where it matters most

  4. Prepare Your Speech:

    You give the cue, music is playing, you drop on one knee, her face erupts in surprise…and then you go blank! It happens :), which is why you should prepare and practice your speech. Not necessarily so that you know it word for word, but more so that you know the gist of what you want to say, and the key points that you want to express in this precious moment. Alternatively, you could simply write it out nicely on a card, and hand it to her to read; this way you only have to say a few words once she’s done reading. It also serves as a nice keepsake that you both can treasure, and relive for years to come. Feel free to have this card framed, and hanging on the wall of your home a la Derek & Meredith’s marriage agreement Post-It note in Grey’s Anatomy.

    Wedding Proposal Ideas - Write out your speech and have your love read it

    Prepare your wedding proposal speech or write it out, and have it as a keepsake for anniversary reflections Image: Julia Green Photography

  5. Capture the Moment:

    If you don’t have it captured on photo or film then did it really happen? Of course it did, and if both of you would rather not have the moment captured, that’s fine. However, for the sake of family, and loved ones who are not present but would love to share in your excitement then at the very least have the moment preserved in photos. You can have someone else take pictures, set your phone on record (just make sure you actually push the record button!), or better yet have a professional take the photos so there’s no mistakes. Photographers offer mini-shoots for proposals anywhere from 45mins – 2hours, so you can have an actual mini-photoshoot after she says ‘Yes!’

    Capture the moment for family and friends who might not be present at the time

    Capture the moment for family and friends who might not be present at the time


  6. Bonus – Hire A Planner!:

    Wedding and event planners are not just for weddings, engagement parties or large-scale event productions. Still feel like you need some help with brain-storming ideas, planning and coordinating it all to perfection, hire a planner or wedding coordinator. With a planner you essentially can breathe a little easier, focus on getting the parents blessing and your speech, and let someone else handle the planning and execution of all the little details with no room for error. A planner’s job is to help you craft your vision for the proposal, and then execute the logistical setup on your behalf. If you’re in the New York area, and need help give us a call today. Whether you’re looking to have an over-the-top glamorous affair or an intimate, private setup we are more than happy to work with you to create a breath-taking moment for you and your love.

    5 Tips for the Perfect Proposal

    5 Tips for the Perfect Proposal

Finally, remember that it’s the thought, effort and heart that goes into a proposal that makes it special, unique and memorable. Take the time to put some thought behind what this moment means for both of you, and what it signifies moving forward, then put meaningful effort into personalizing it based on this special person who you’re asking to take this leap of a lifetime with you, and overall make sure everything you do comes from the heart – you can’t go wrong when you do!

All the best,

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