Welcome to our site! By some stroke of luck, you’ve stumbled on this site either because you need an event planner for an upcoming event, saw a post or an ad on social media that peaked your interest, liked our visual branding (we love all things blush, rose-gold, gold and ivory – it’s love in color-form to us) or simply just curious about our name (pronounced May-ven) and who we are so you came here to learn more. Either way, we are happy to have you and hope that you not only come back often to visit, but also become a friend by following us on Facebook (EventsbyMayven) and on Instagram (@EventsbyMayven).

The name Mayven is a combination between our owner’s first name, Yvonne and that of her Mom’s, Mabel. It is special to us for sentimental reasons obviously, as it seeks to pay respect to a Mother’s love and sacrifice in raising her family, while also empowering and supporting her kids through every passion and milestone; cheering them on every step of the way through successes and stumbling blocks. At the same time the name is a representation of what we at Mayven continuously strive to deliver to our clients, which is a professional yet personable experience that meets and exceeds our clients expectations.

Ma·ven (/ˈmāvən/)- an expert or connoisseur.

We have been in the event/planning scene for a few years now originally within the public relations space managing client publicity, which also included planning and coordinating client events. We knew we enjoyed these event management projects, but didn’t realize how much we loved it until we planned our wedding; after which we realized that as crazy as it might have seemed on a few occasions this was something we would love to do for others. No, not force our ideas down your throat, or tell you that your vision is impossible, or that your event/special day will only happen if you had a blank check. Our goal is to first understand the purpose and vision for your event by getting to know you, then with full knowledge of your budget we work towards creating that vision and achieving said purpose within your agreed upon budget.

At the end of the day, you remain front and center to us always. We are simply your eyes, ears and hands behind the scenes making sure everything goes according to plan, while you are fully present at the event, enjoying every single moment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lush Kisses,


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